You’re part of our family

Hi Billy!
Just wanted to say thank you for the great influence you’ve had on our family musically. My husband and I are both musical and have loved your songs our entire lives. We play together on piano and saxophone, and have played your music for weddings of family and friends for years. We aren’t close to anywhere big, but have had the opportunity to see you a few times in concert in Salt Lake over the years.
Our beautiful daughter was born 16 years ago, and had she been a boy her middle name would have been Joel..... but instead of having your name she became your biggest fan. She is a great musician and is involved in everything that she can squeeze in: piano, ballroom dance, band: marching symphonic and jazz, the list goes on. Every time she sits down to play the piano, she plays a tribute to you, Piano Man. She plays it from her heart and from memory throwing in the extra frosting that she’s figured out from listening to your songs over and over.
For her 16th birthday this week, we got our girl tickets to see you in Salt Lake last night. It was a 4 hour drive but worth every minute. Thank you for a fabulous concert. Our seats weren’t the greatest (we were behind the stage) but you acknowledged us anyway, and I thank you for that. When you played “Vienna” it brought tears to my eyes. I’ve loved the song since the first time I heard it, and I’ve heard you tell the story about how it originated...but last night it felt like you wrote it for us because it perfectly describes her and her potential.
I will never forget last night: thank you for your musical influence in our lives, and your love of music that shines through in every one of your songs. I’m so happy you’re still going strong!
Lisa Bell
Rexburg, Idaho
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