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StacywalkerStacywalker Posts: 1
Hi, My name is Stacy Walker. Im 46 and have 5 kids lol. Im looking for nothing I have tickrlets to December 20th 2017 ( you were sick in June) You have always been on my bucket list not because you are famous and definitely not because you have money!!! I camr from more. Money then god it means shit!! Aka i dint havr it because of that! I actually respect you! Believe it or not that means alot! I literally walked away from the key to life for something real! Dont believe me my dad is RALPH Frank For California. Mom Betty Frank Mahwah NJ. Long story how I got to where I am today but def not 1perecent any more 5 kids 3 college 1 Georgetown law never been broker or prouder! No, not aking for anything! ! Just want to THANK YOU!!!! Your WORDS YOUR PLAYING YOUR SINGING!(tell me whi does that anymore lol #feel old ! Was that a hash tag who knows!)Damn your word are so fing true! Their is not any faking that! You carried me through good times and and bad,happy abd sad! Im honestly asking for nothing, unlike the world! Listen Id say your my idol , but a little physocotic lol but all joki g aside, you and I both. K ow money means shit!! You are different!!!!!!! Your music has got me through probably more then you have been through, ??? Maybe maybe not butI get It! I need to tell you! I LOVE YOUR MUSIC IT HELPED ME WITH WITH THE ROAD OF LIFE POTHOLES CURVES AND DITCHES! You make a ditch a FUCK anyone who judges " Not obessed just know your talenent and need to give what u gave me!! Thank you! All your kids are beautiful fuck the press and thier stupid ass comment (aka christie brinklie like wft is wrong with them) thank you for the gift of your music !!!!! No need to write me co firm my comments. As long as you know Im happy. YOU GAVE ME STRENGTH COURAGE. THROUGHT DEATHS OF LOVED ONES Births of lived one happy and sad the strength to carry on. Thank you see ya DECEMBER 20TH 2017 SO EXCITED! ! Good luck with baby


  • elzbeth8elzbeth8 Posts: 2
    Hello, my name is Maraile Bast, I am 26 years old and live in Ecuador. My mom is one of the best (if not the absolute best) people in the world, her name is ANA MARIA FRIXONE and she was recently diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in extensive stage, which doesn’t translate to the best odds. My mom will be receiving her treatment in Mexico City, which is far away from Ecuador and my brother lives in Berlin, so as you can imagine my mother will receiving her treatment far away from her family which makes the situation even more difficult. This is why I thought that maybe her favorite artist in the world, BILLY JOEL, could send her a video saying hello and giving her the necessary strength to try and fight this disease. Her favorite song of all times is Piano Man, she sings it every chance she gets, karaokes, cars, showers, meetings, parties, you name it! She knows the lyrics by heart, even in languages she doesn’t speak! This being in spite of the fact that she has a terrible singing voice (thus the lack of evidence) but she doesn’t care, she pours her heart and soul out everytime she sings it! Everyone that knows her knows that this is and always has been her favorite song! So please, I beg you, help me accomplish this. I know it seems insignificant and you probably get a lot of requests like this, but I am 100% sure that this will make a difference in the outcome of her treatment! PLEASE HELP ME SAVE MY MOM’S LIFE!

    My friend Elzbeth lives in California if you need anything or have any questions you can also contact her!

    Thank You! Please help me make my mom happy! She loves you ! Please send her a video PIANO MAN !
  • Hello! I am long-time eager, huge Japanese fan of Billy. I would like to show my great appreciation for him. His music inspired , enriched my whole life.

    I visited his concert ten times.
    1981, at Nippon Budokan in Japan
    1984, at Nippon Budokan in Japan
    1987, Yoyogi Olympic pool in Japan
    1991, Tokyo Dome
    2006, Tokyo Dome
    2008, Tokyo Dome
    2013, Manchester 4u Arena in UK
    2014, Madison Square Garden in US
    2016, Boston Fenway Park, in US
    2017 Minneapolis, Target Field in Us

    I really love his concert! I can feel his music with my whole body!!

    This is the year of Billy! We are waiting to come this year. We always wondering how would be NYC in 2017. Miami 2017 gives us great expectations! Billy is still energetic and NYC is still vital. We are so happy to listen this song in that situation.

    I spend very nice every day through Billy. I listen his songs every day. My hobby is singing, playing his songs. I would like to let all the people know how his music is wonderful.

    Billy's music always gives me great power to achieve lots of my dreams. To visit NY and Long Island, Oyster Bay, to learn English to understand his songs, to sing his songs, etc...

    I visited NYC and Oyster Bay. It was great experience!

    In our country, there are few information about Billy. I have my homepage about Billy and in my country's domestic SNS, I have my own community related to Billy.

    I hope there will e a lot of people to listen and love his music as many as possible.

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