Indy Show Review

That set list for Indianapolis was rather stellar. Highlight to me was Vienna and New York State of Mind. Was supper happy to hear "All About Soul" and can say I heard it live. I knew going in this would likely be the only Billy Joel show I would ever go to. If it was, I am very satisfied. I sat near the top, but it wasn't the worst seat by any means. I was at the side of the stage and could see everything. It is a very high dollar ticket. I am blessed to have had the support of a friend on this one. I tried very hard to get in, and am very lucky to have gone. Probably one of the top 3 shows of my lifetime. If life leads me to another show fantastic, if it doesn't.... DAMN. Thank you to anyone in the band for going to Indy and thanks to all those that have helped me. Hope everyone that went had as great as a time as I did.
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