Billy Joel Indianapolis SINGLE TICKET

Alright, perhaps some of you have seen my previous post. I have been trying to find a way into Billy Joel Friday in Indianapolis. Long story short.. I am a single parent. I have two kids and do work a retail job I mostly love. I went through a separation, I won't get into the circumstances, but I don't have much money at all, and certainly no excess to do anything like attend shows and what not.
I have tried to make videos and find away to get in by way of donations, help, advice, anything. So far I have failed. Worked full time and taking care of two kids I don't have the time be more creative in finding a way to go. I also know there are better reasons to give someone money such as someone that can't afford to eat, etc.

Here is where I am at, I am trying to sell a couple things. I am trying to find a ticket anywhere in the arena. I don't care what it is, as long as I can see the stage. I think for a once in a life time concert, I should at least see the stage if I go.

I am wondering if anyone has an extra single seat. That is all I need, and I need one affordable. I can't pay 500.00. I will be lucky to come up with 50 or 100. Even if I do figure out getting that money... it's still more money to drive and park, etc. I also shouldn't do it, I should be more responsible. However, I know Billy isn't going to be rushing back to perform again in Indiana. I also know I won't realistically be able to drive to Chicago or New York to see a show. So if anyone ...

HAS AN EXTRA SINGLE TICKET, and it is reasonable, please let me know. I would be so grateful and happy!

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