Billy Joel owes me a picture with him!

I am a HUGE Billy Joel fan! ! Back in 1991, I contacted his office to request a meeting with Billy. I told them that I have a severe physical disability. One part of my disability is a severe speech impairment. They not only granted my request, but gave me front row seats to his concert in Dallas, Texas. ! Billy talked with me for 20 minutes before his concert. He said jokingly that understanding my speech was like understanding Italian. He took a picture with me, but he didn't mail it to me. Billy apparently has a new office in Oyster Bay, Long Island. Does anyone know if he has the same people in his management company? In the past, I've communicated with Jane Arginteanu or Keith Bischof. Are they still with Maritime Music? They granted my request to have Billy Joel autograph all my Billy Joel CD covers. They mailed me an autographed box set for my college graduation. I would be deeply grateful to have another opportunity to take a picture with him and to receive said picture. Below is a short bio about me.

Sean Pevsner has severe cerebral palsy. He was one of the first students with disabilities to take mainstream classes in the Arlington Independent School District.

He went on to major in Greek and Latin at UT, while making significant contributions to the university’s community. The UT Classics Department bestowed on him the WJ Battle Award for excellence in Greek and Latin translation. He graduated in 1998, receiving several awards for his advocacy and contributions to the university. Mr. Pevsner then graduated from UT Law School in 2004.

In 2012, Mr. Pevsner established a firm with his best friend, Mark Whitburn. Their firm, Whitburn & Pevsner, PLLC, practices ADA, FHA, IDEA, probate and guardianship law.


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