Ticket costs

nhorannhoran Posts: 1
I'm a dedicated fan and huge admirer of Billy. I was extremely excited to know Billy is returning to Manchester; I saw him at the MEN several years ago - probably the best concert I've ever seen. I want to express just how disappointed I am, however, about the ticket pricing / sales system and where it has now got to in excluding fans who would love to attend, with people clearly making a huge profit by fleecing people like me. I want two tickets for myself and wife, and I've been trying since booking opened. The various websites (refreshed many times) would only give me the worst seats, still for a top price. I decided today that I would have to go for the best I could. I managed to get two floor seat (didn't actually tell me where) for £138 each. Got to putting in my card details reluctantly, then noticed the additional £50+ for booking fees, VAT, delivery... I couldn't throw my money away like this - how can it be justified? I have had experiences where I've seen concert tickets handed out for free when corporate allocations haven't been used, and no doubt tickets for the Old Trafford concert will be similarly undervalued in similar situations. I saw some tickets on sale behind the stage for £800 each. With so many getting in so quick and free to top up and drive the prices high and cooperate in fixing them, I just feel like giving up.
I hope those who have been lucky enough to get hold of a ticket which doesn't leave a sour taste in the mouth enjoy what will certainly be a fantastic night.
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