Manchester 2018

VossyVossy Posts: 1
Hi - Does anyone know who is supporting please


  • Well ..NO ; but if they are (management) reading this, then this upcoming talent derserves more credit; Billy Lockett - check this amazing song:
    But i´m still coming :-)
  • alisonralisonr Posts: 2
    I'm going to Old Trafford, and hoping against hope Billy performs Downeaster Alexa. It's my favourite track ever.
  • Manchester cant wait loved your music for everx
  • jogracejojogracejo Posts: 3
    I have tickets for the show, has anyone seen a seatplan for the floor with seat numbers. I can't find one anywhere? Thanks
  • rootbeerrootbeer Posts: 41
    For a seat plan try cutting and pasting :

    No seat numbers but I have never seen a seating plan that goes into that detail.

  • jogracejojogracejo Posts: 3
    Cheers Rootbeer
  • WayneRWayneR Posts: 1
    Good Day to you Billy, we are so excited to come and see you at your Old Trafford Stadium tour on the 16th June. We are bring a very dear friend for a magical birthday surprise. JP as she is known has never been to a concert in her life and she is one of your special fans. If you could do a shout out and wish her a very happy birthday that would mean so much. Kind Regards Wayne
  • emma_smithemma_smith Posts: 1
    Hello! I really hope it's OK to post this here. My Dad has two tickets for the Manchester concert, but due to very poorly inlaws he is no longer able to travel. So (very) reluctantly he is selling them. He'd much rather the tickets went to genuine fans. Is there anyone interested in two tickets for the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, Tier 2, Block N3413. He's selling at cost, and I see that they're now selling for double this amount on various ticket sites. Again, I hope I'm not flouting any rules by posting this here. Please let me know if there's anywhere more suitable.
  • mumanddadmumanddad Posts: 1
    Hi Billy and co. Coming to Manchester to the concert. I will celebrate my 63rd birthday on June 18 so give us a shoutout if you could. Me and my wife are in the front row we saw you the last time you were in Manchester, and my wife was converted to a Billy fan. So looking forward to the 16th 😎
  • fletchertgcfletchertgc Posts: 10
    wondering because i'm trying to get a shout out for my friend, has billy ever done a shout out?
  • rubysodarubysoda Posts: 1
    Yes, I agree with @alisonr that Downeaster Alexa would be amazing at Manchester 2018 but I'm hoping and praying for State of Grace. Counting the minutes until the show xxxxx
  • kiakia Posts: 1
    I would love him to play GoodNight My Angel. My husband sings it to our little girl Iza every night before bed!
  • Dianep63Dianep63 Posts: 1
    I really enjoyed the concert at Manchester and purchased an official programme. When I opened it there was no mention of the Manchester concert and last date it referred to was 2016. I thought at first that it wasn't an official programme but when I questioned it I was told that it was and was the programme from the last tour .?
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