Great memories

Brilliant to have booked tickets to the Manchester show. Nearly forty years ago we drove to the South of France with only 2 cassettes in the car.....The Stranger and Glass Houses. Been a huge fan ever since!!!


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    Hello, my name is Maraile Bast, I am 26 years old and live in Ecuador. My mom is one of the best (if not the absolute best) people in the world, her name is ANA MARIA FRIXONE and she was recently diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in extensive stage, which doesn’t translate to the best odds. My mom will be receiving her treatment in Mexico City, which is far away from Ecuador and my brother lives in Berlin, so as you can imagine my mother will receiving her treatment far away from her family which makes the situation even more difficult. This is why I thought that maybe her favorite artist in the world, BILLY JOEL, could send her a video saying hello and giving her the necessary strength to try and fight this disease. Her favorite song of all times is Piano Man, she sings it every chance she gets, karaokes, cars, showers, meetings, parties, you name it! She knows the lyrics by heart, even in languages she doesn’t speak! This being in spite of the fact that she has a terrible singing voice (thus the lack of evidence) but she doesn’t care, she pours her heart and soul out everytime she sings it! Everyone that knows her knows that this is and always has been her favorite song! So please, I beg you, help me accomplish this. I know it seems insignificant and you probably get a lot of requests like this, but I am 100% sure that this will make a difference in the outcome of her treatment! PLEASE HELP ME SAVE MY MOM’S LIFE!

    My friend Elzbeth lives in California you could also contact her if you need anything

    Please help me make my mom happy
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