Thanks for the memories

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Greetings Mr Joel,

We never met but I'm a musician from the Columbia River Gorge that divides Oregon and Washington state. I recently played a small dinner event on October 7th for a local winery and we had a great evening.

At the end of the night I was told that you and your wife Alexis had serendipitously been at the event as well, and I had the honor to play music for you for a couple hours which is completely amazing. If it's true, I would have loved to personally tell you of my fond memories of blasting Only The Good Die Young in a borrowed red Camaro just before receiving my very first speeding ticket at age seventeen. The officer said he was pretty sure he watched the car catch air as it crossed the railroad tracks that night. Unforgettable...

If I had the opportunity to play some of my own music for you thirty years later on a clear October night, that would truly be another great memory for me.

If this modern message-in-a-bottle ever finds it's way to you, best wishes to you and your family and thanks again for the fantastic music and the memories!

All the best,
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