Brother addicted to alcohol

HanoeHanoe Posts: 1
Hi, I am writing this for my elder brother. He was an excellent boy. He was smart at his academics and was deeply loved by all. I was proud to be his sister. I maintained a close relationship with my brother and I loved him a lot. He used to protect and look after me.
My brother entered into a relationship while he was in college. This relation has changed him completely. Her gf was a bad girl and she forced him to do those things in which he was least interested in. Finally, my brother became an alcoholic. She broke up with him for silly reasons when she met another guy. My brother is depressed and is now totally dependent on alcohol.
I feel sorry for him. I want to bring him out of this addictive character somehow or the other. My parents are planning to take him to an alcohol treatment center ( ) in Vancouver. But, I am scared about the side effects. I have heard about people exhibiting withdrawal symptoms.
Is there anybody over here who has undergone treatment for alcohol addiction before? How was your experience? Please share!


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