St. Louis Concert 9/21/17

I have waited 42 years for the opportunity to see Billy live in concert! He has been a beacon of light
throughout the ups and downs (there have been many) of my life. I'm now disabled and homebound 90% of the time with Severe RA, Lupus, depression, PTSD and a few other health issues. This will be my last concert and undoubtedly the concert of my life. I know the unrest in St. Louis and for me the place could stand some positivity! The risk is something I am prepared to take to quote "Piano Man" it would be great to forget about life for awhile even a few hours! In my world it's go get it now because not one thing in life is guaranteed. I could slip in my shower and lights out but I'm not gonna give up showers. My husband and I are both disabled so we have to grab life by the balls when we can before life is gone. We are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary at the show too. Well that's my heartfelt opinion and I'm sure some will disagree but I'm not them. Looking forward to seeing the greatest entertainer of all time BILLY JOEL! Thank you Billy for always having the right words at the right times through the years. I cherish every song. Sincerely, [email protected]
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