Star of David

fenwickfenwick Posts: 1
I was happy and proud to see Billy Joel wearing the Star of David on his outfit during the latest concert. Everyone agrees that the American Nazi Party and Ku Klux Klan, although a minuscule faction of the American people are non the less despicable organizations. However the biggest threat to Jewish Americans is the left-wing in the United States. Jewish Americans should be paying attention to the agenda of the Democratic Party. It is moving away from support of our ally Israel. The Democrats want more immigration from third world countries and Muslim majority countries. Does Billy Joel actually believe that these third world immigrants would be sympathetic to Jewish interests or a pro-Israel foreign policy? They look upon Israel as as an illegitimate oppressive European colonialist country. Third world and Muslim migrants sympathize with those that want to "liberate Palestine.". Ever since the Muslim and North African migrants arrived in France, the French Jews are fleeing France in droves for haven in Israel


  • David GottDavid Gott Posts: 1
    Billy Joel obviously was pissed off by trump's comments... Trump,said there were many sides in the wrong when in fact there is only one wrong side, a bunch of evil hate mongers showing up to protest taking down a statue that celebrated a man who,led an army which killed Americans in an attempt to,preserve slavery...running a car into a bunch of people is just more proof to,support the fact that these kinds of jokers deserve the electric chair without due process because they are not human...the idea of that guy who drove into the crowd in VA enjoying fried chicken dinner.. albeit a prison meal... paid for by the people's taxes infuriates me.. he should have gotten a needle in the arm within an hour of that terrorisic act....
  • Was happy to hear that Billy Joel wore the Star of David to witness to the persecution of Jews. I wish he would also understand that others are persecuted each time his famous rocker, "Only the Good Die Young" is performed live or is played on the radio. If you don't listen to the words, it's an awesome song. If you do listen to words, as I do, you become aware that it's a Catholic basher that has made me sad ever since 1977. And that's a long time. The KKK doesn't need any extra help.
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