An angry rant, 24 years late

I just saw footage of the immature stunt Billy Joel pulled at the 1994 Grammys. It was his way of protesting the show cutting off Frank Sinatra, who rambled on about everything and nothing all at once. He paused and said, "valuable advertising time" and then "dollars, dollars, dollars."

As a lifelong Billy fan (up to today), I am disappointed. As a television master control operator, producer and director, I am outraged. Billy knows that this is all a business, and television is a minutes-and-seconds business. Those "dollars, dollars, dollars" he crowed about made it possible for the awards show to exist.

I fully support the producer who cut Ol' Blue Eyes off. He knew the rules, and he rambled on about things that had nothing to do with the award. So, he had to be cut so that commercials could play, so the "little people" who make the awards happen, the people Billy clearly cares nothing about, could be, you know, paid. If I'd been in the control room, Sinatra would have gotten his two minutes and then go to break. Not even he's above procedure.

And Billy Joel lost a lifelong fan tonight. My extensive collection, going back to my junior high school days, has a date with a fire pit tonight. My collection won't be able to hurt anyone anymore. Shame on you, Billy (as if you read things from the unwashed masses). If I ever produce something you rant at, you can be sure I'll give you your two and then cut you off. And I will lose NO sleep over it.
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