Billy Joel Re scheduled concert at Madison Square Garden Dec 20 2017

Dear Billy my husband, 19 year old daughter and myself bought tickets for your June concert at Madison Square Garden off a very over priced ticket reselling site based in the US as we were on a trip of a lifetime and were desperate to see you perform. Unfortunately your concert was rescheduled to December 20. We live in Australia and will not be able to travel back to New York to see you. I have now exhausted avenues to recoup any of the $823 Australian dollars we paid for the tickets. We can't get a refund as you rescheduled you didn't cancel. We can't resell them on US resale sites such as Stub hub as we don't reside in the US A . Hoping that by posting on your site you will be alerted to our plight and help us. glad that you have made a good recovery and are back performing. Hoping you can assist us some how thanks Toni
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