message to billy joel

Dear Billy,
My Wife and I are fans, my wife more than me sorry. but the reason why i am reaching out to you is that my wife is very sick and in the hospital and just told that she has Cancer. I know that you are very busy and all, and you don't know me, but if it is at all possible for you to reach out to her to say HI, that would make her Day in fact that would make her LIFE.We both work at Long Island Jewish Hospital in New Hyde Park,and she now is in North Shore Hospital in Manhasset the NICU 5th Floor room 511.Her name is Patricia Mastrolembo and she is a wonderful person and the Love of my Life. We been together since we were teens. Married 38 Years and I know her for 46 Years.This would mean the world to her and me, i would be forever grateful.Thank you and God Bless. Yours John Mastrolembo. My E-mail is [email protected]


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