My Fatal Brother

On December 20, 2016, my brother in went for surgery in Corpus Christi and I live in KC. On Dec 21, 16, I got a call that my brother was fatal and to drive to Corpus quickly. This is a 14 hour drive and my brother is 5 years older than me. I never told him enough how much I adore him and look up to him. All through high school and college, Jason would listen to Billy Joel and "make" me listen to get while my parents made him drive me to high school with him. I listened to Billy Joel the entire drive to Corpus and just praying, crying and singing. When I walked into the hospital at 11:40 at night (without stopping for 14 hours except for gas/bathroom), She's Got a Way by Billy Joel, was playing as I entered the front doors of the hospital. I remember stopping and feeling the Holy Spirit go through me. I have only felt that twice before and I know it was God lifting me in this time of need. I stopped, prayed and thought, "Jason, my big brother, is going to be ok." I was there for two weeks. I left my girls and husband on Christmas and New Years because I was by my brother's side. My family was very supportive and did not even open any Christmas presents because they were waiting on me. Jason was up and down and his wife, my mother and me were completely focused on his health. He was placed in a coma for the first week and half and I would play Billy Joel through our speaker. My brother's signature move was bouncing his foot up and down to music. Music has always been his life. I told God one night: Get my brother through his and I promise to be the sister he deserves and I will take him to Billy Joel! They told us that he was without oxygen for 2 minutes and "if" he wakes up, he will be brain damaged. There were many times when Jason would be awakened for a "sedation vacation" which means checking his brain. We will never forget one moment though..We had his wife, my mom and me all hovering over him. I was playing Allentown in the background and I see his foot start tapping. We all just looked and then collapsed on him and each other crying!! We knew he was going to be ok! My brother was back! It would be a very long time and a lot of energy on his and his wife's part but he is fully recovered seven months later, lost 100 pounds, seeing a personal trainer and on no medicine! We will be seeing Billy Joel together, just the two of us, at Wrigley Field on August 11. I cannot wait to hug and see my brother up and walking! Mr. Joel, I know you don't know us but I really feel that you had a part in my brother's miraculous recovery! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! Love, Phoebe


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