I was at the Garden last night sitting in section 209. As always Billy was FANTASTIC. My issue is the Garden security there was an issue in the section over where they were talking to an individual. The individual clearly irritated however they obstructed my view and my entire family for about 10-15 minutes. This was the first concert where I was able to afford to take my wife and three children and my youngest wasn't able to see because of this disruption. You would think the Garden management who saw my 10 yr old struggling to watch the show would move out of the way. No not them they got there money. Very disappointed to spend money for five seats and to have that happen Shame on the Garden. I am sure there was an issue but to spend all that time obstructing the view. This was the first concert for two of my three children ruined because the people skills of the Garden management are poor. This is something as a parent I can never get back
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