Welcome to L.A Billy tonight will be great at Dodger Stadium

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We will be there to see you tonight and my wife Diana thinks you are amazing. She would love ❤️ to meet you or have you give her a shout out tonight!


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    My wife and I attended the concert in Dodger Stadium last night and we were blown away with how fantastic Billy Joel was. We flew in from New Mexico and just arrived back home safely, and just could not wait to get on line and express our gratitude for just how great a showman Billy is. Well worth the effort we went through to be there. We will certainly attend again, if he comes to a city close to us.
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    I attended the Dodger Stadium concert too and left after 4 songs. Sound mix was horrendous. All instruments distorted and drowned out all singing. Painful. The sound was great for the pre-concert pre-recorded music, so it wasn't some fundamental acoustic problem at the stadium. Coldplay sounded great in the Rose Bowl last year, so it's not just that I can't stand stadium sound. Obviously the crew badly screwed up on the mic-ing and/or sound mix. This was, simply put, a rip off. Don't think Billy Joel is taking these one-off concerts seriously by getting a sufficiently competent road crew like he'd probably get for a real tour. I read about similar complaints online from his recent Atlanta concert too. Beware these stand-alone stadium shows he's cashing in on of late. Save your money for acts that take you seriously as a paying customer like Coldplay.
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    sorry rippedoff i have to disagree. This was my fourth Billy Joel concert this year in four different venues and for the LA concert I was sitting field level seats, section A8, row 7 and thought it sounded great. Maybe you had a different seat and it sounded different but from my vantage point I had no problem with it. Remember, just because a few people have complaints about the sound doesnt mean he doesnt take it seriously. There are always dead spots in various venues where the sound might be different than other spots in the same venue.
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    Note to Billy: The Rio Grande flows almost entirely north/south.
    Now to the sound: my second BJ concert (Hollywood Bowl a couple of years ago) and it's the same problem -- the band is poorly mixed. Twice and I could never hear Crystal. If I didn't see her shaking her shakers, I would never have known she was playing.
    Fire the L.D. Light the stage, not the audience. Lights in my face obscuring the performers? Bush league. Same "style" of lighting at the Bowl, so I assume it's the same practicioner.
    Lastly, Axl Rose? You have to be kidding me. One of the main reasons I stopped listening to pop.
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    So stadiums are not known to have the best sound. I have also seen Billy twice and it gets a lot better depending on where you're sitting. I think it sounded fine from the ears of a young 16 year old musician.

    Also, the band plays nearly twice a month and has done so for years. I highly doubt there is anything "rookie" about the crew or poor regarding the mix. As for the lighting designer, same guy who lights up the pope when he comes to New York, Steve Cohen.

    Oh and here are his mixers: https://soundbetter.com/s/billy-joel

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