5/13 LA show NY'er question --Proposing

So little backstory here, just moved to LA from NY. I'm 31, my first vivid memory in life is sitting on my father's shoulders in Montauk at the Back at the Ranch concert in 1990. A year later I met Billy (so I'm told and the photo) in an elevator in Florida, he played with my hair bc he loved curly hair... I know, I know... pretty sweet. I have seen him tons of times now, alone, with Elton, etc.

So, I'm writing on here because I have tickets to the show at Dodgers Stadium. What makes this time different, is that I am planning on proposing to my girlfriend at the show(cliche, maybe...but we are both huge fans). I know that Billy leaves the front row open for real fans, and I was wondering if there was anyone on here that can help me out in anyway? With the ring, the move, etc. I can't afford the prices I am seeing online. I know this is a dime a dozen story, but I figured I would give this a shot, who knows who might come across it.

In any event, thanks for reading this and either way, it's going to be a kickass show!
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