Does Mr. Joel do meet and greets at any of his shows?

I am a newbie, but love Billy Joel music as music as my sister. I want to surprise her one day with concert tickets and a meet and greet if possible.




  • OctoberSunOctoberSun Posts: 1
    I'd love to know if that is possible too. My dad is a huge Billy Joel fan and I would love to suprise him with a message or a meet and greet for his 60th.
  • tjetje Posts: 1
    I was also wondering something similar. I've been looking for a legit fanmail address and found this. My sister, brother and myself are taking our dad to the show at Lambuea in June for his birthday and I wanted to ask about the chance of getting a football signed.

    We grew up listening to Mr. Joel blaring from our dads shop and it stuck, with all three of us. Original Saturday Night Live episodes are another thing we were fortunate to inherit from our parents and Mr Joels first appearance preforming "Only the Good Die Young" is still my favorite SNL musical performance to date.

    I understand requests like this are probably pretty common for him but Id appreciate if anyone knows a legitimate fanmail site or address.
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