Asking WAY TOO MUCH from a young dedicated fan!

cdurbin2cdurbin2 Posts: 1
Dear website admins,

I am a broke college student who has tickets to the March 24th show in Lincoln, Nebraska. I am taking my amazing girlfriend, who adores Billy Joel and has her entire life. We made it a goal to see him in Chicago this past August and we had the time of our lives that night. We're trying to relieve that night in our hometown but I've decided I want to propose this time to my girlfriend during the song Vienna, her favorite. I know this is a long shot and it's been asked by many people, who have been turned down, but if you could seek me out and message me or contact me I would appreciate it if you could make this special moment something we can remember forever at the show. I understand Mr. Joel is a busy man, who has better things to do in his time especially on his stage. If there is any chance he would be willing to allow me the amazing gift to be on the stage to ask her, it would be incredible. I understand the gravity of what I am asking and understand completely if this is not doable. It will not change my mind of the life decision I am making that night to ask the woman of my dreams to marry me nor our opinion of Mr. Joel.

Thank you for taking the time to read and manage this page and I hope I haven't been too annoying in my request.

Sincerely young dedicated Billy Joel fan
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