You're a Blessing!!!

Matthew BarilMatthew Baril Posts: 1
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I just wanted you to know how many millions of lives you've touched with your heart, talents and music and appreciated you are. Thank you!!! Listening to your music brings so many different positive thoughts and feelings to everyone who listens to them. Your songs have brought happiness to others throughout the world. Your rewards in Heaven will be immense. Mark my words, "Your hard work, love and compassion you've instilled in this life have earned you front row seats in Heaven. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the whole world!!! Peace, Matt Baril


  • BradfordBradford Posts: 1
    I wanted to send you a heartful Thank you. Back in 2008 I tried to take my own life. This came on the aftermath of my mother's death. I was in therapy for a long time after that. But in my recovery I found your song "Only Human,...". It stuck with me and it still rings a chord today. It helped me find a new reality and face some of my issues. I don't know if you'll read this but if you do, please accept my undying (literally) gratitude for having just the right words to say in my time of need.
    Your great fan (before AND after),
    Bradford Milburn
    Arlington, Texas.
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