Disappointed about being mistreated at the Garden and no one got back to us

Excited to see Billy for the first time I took a train with my boyfriend and off we went. It was the 1/11/17 show.
We had THE best seats for 2nd tier, 1st row right behind the stage. Before the concert began we got something dropped on us. No big deal, things happen I thought.
Then at the on-set of the encore my boyfriend had a liquid dropped on him from above. He immediately jumped out of his seat and set out for security to investigate. He offered to go up to help get the person who did this so he could be removed.
Two other security guards came over and stopped him stating they would take care of it.

No sooner does my boyfriend and I sit when we both looked up and there was the young guy whipping a water bottle's contents over his balcony tier soaking my boyfriend's head clothes and pants. He again jumped up to see what the story was. I went up and saw in the hall about 6 security guards standing in a circle stating they called the supervisor up above. They did nothing. We were asked to move our seats to seats that had an overhang and were not where near the fist row nor had it's view. We couldn't even see Billy anymore. I went back to the hall and asked the guy I was told was the supervisor for his name. He said 'Roy .......' I said good, because I'm calling the garden tomorrow to tell them you are not doing anything to help remedy what just happened to us. I was thinking, imagine if this was a man that could have hurt/assaulted many people in a short time? Upset with my inference that he was doing nothing he turned and snapped at me in a very upsetting manner... 'HOW DO YOU KNOW I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING'? I said because you could have gone up the first time we complained and prevented the second occurrence which soaked my boyfriend with a sticky clear liquid and did not.
This was not someone who if security was standing over watch of their modest section wouldn't have seen someone acting hyperexcited, (drunk). This was no someone who had his hands folded in his lap flicking one piece of popcorn over the balcony every hour. This was someone that would have offered himself up to security if allowed to see what he had done to a 6'6'' man who went to enjoy a Billy Joel Concert had they let my boyfriend show this kid what he had done to him.
I called public relations at MSG the next day and was told they had to corroborate my story. I said the security cameras will corroborate my story. She said she would call me back and did not. I called back in 5 days and was assured I would not be forgotten and would be called back by the beginning of the following week. She never did. When I called back the number was never answered but instead offered a message directing my concerns to the website. I still have not heard back nor have been compensated for having our bucket list check item ruined, having our money wasted and having to ride a train home for 90 minutes soaking wet. What's up with how we were treated? How come no one will address what happened to us?
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