So Disappointed!

I keep seeing more tour dates for Billy Joel but none for us!
Last year we planned our whole American holiday (we are from Brisbane, Australia) around seeing Billy perform in Maddison Square Garden on September 30th. On September 29th we found out the concert was "rescheduled" for November! Obviously flying back to the US was not an affordable option and we were furious to discover that because it wasn't cancelled (it was "rescheduled") we weren't entitled to a refund, on our very expensive tickets. So not only were my kids, my partner and myself totally gutted to not see him perform, it cost us a fortune to not see him. I have always been a huge fan, it was the lowlight of an otherwise fabulous trip. So wishing Billy would come to Australia!! Please!


  • jreid53jreid53 Posts: 1
    Did you purchase your tickets directly through Ticketmaster? When an event is rescheduled, I have always been able to get a refund if I requested one. However, if you purchased them through a reseller such as StubHub, then yes they most likely won't allow you to get a refund.
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