For the love of my brother

Billy, I hope to God, from time to time you read these... my most cherished moment in my life: My brother and I go to a comedy club, 1986? We get there early, there is a piano bar upstairs...we have a drink, the pianist asks for requests, we blurt out "Billy Joel!" nothing else...she plays..."Just the way you are". We are thrilled she plays one of your songs...of course, we sing along...into each other's eyes not realizing at first...yes, it IS a love song, a perfect love song for a brother & sister! From that day forward it was "our" song...until 2009 when he passed away. Actually, it is STILL our song, I just have to sing it by myself now...I found out at Christmas, 2016, without any prompting, that his son, Matt, loves you as much as I do, and had never heard this story...I kept it to myself, it was mine. I hugged him so hard I thought I might break him, but he's almost 6' tall now at age 15, and I'm only 5'1"...well, Tim's Birthday was just 2 weeks ago, so this memory is so thick I could cut it with a knife, for some reason, if felt the need to finally share this with you, because "I love you, just the way you are".
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