Mr. Joel an American Troubadour

I am writing on behalf of my dear 75 year old Friend Sharon... She has been wanting to see Mr. Joel live for years... Last year her dream almost came true with much effort, however she was not able to afford or obtain tickets. She was heart broken and figured she would never get the chance to ever see him again. So this year, she had saved up the money and I set the alarm & helped her online & over the phone (nearly all day as there were so many conflicts between the online ticket sales & phone sales, plus tickets were selling so quickly). She wanted to get me a ticket but the cost was to expensive & I told her I was just happy she & her son would be able to go. Sharon is an amazing person, so caring & giving, always volunteering, even when she had to do without. She is 2 times a widow and she has also lost 2 son's in the last 5 years.
Sharon says Billy Joel is a True American Troubadour, who brings her so much Happiness & Comfort... We were able to get her two tickets in the upper/side, in Orlando on 1/27/17 and her son will be driving her. What I am here to ask is.... Does anyone know of any radio stations or anyone I can speak with, to see if there is anyway Sharon could get a back stage pass or an opportunity to meet Mr.Joel in person? She is sooo deserving and It would mean the world to her...

Thank You all for your time... Godspeed!!!

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