Possibility of Mr. Joel being willing to perform for less-than-stadium revenues???

For Mr. Joel-

I have been a dedicated fan since before adolescence (thanks Mom & Dad! I appreciate now what I didn't then...) and I would like like to extend the (admittedly unlikely) invitation for Mr. Joel to perform at my college graduation ceremony in St. Louis, Missouri. My journey to a Bachelor's degree in the hard sciences with Latin Honors at nearly 40 years old has taken me and my family through heart attacks, chemotherapy, domestic violence, single parenting (with the concomitant poverty so often associated with it) and the kind of hard work and dedication that is necessary to achieve such an accomplishment when so many are denied even the chance.

After recently watching Mr. Joel's interview and performance on CBS' Late Show with Stephen Colbert, I am inspired to at least propose the possibility of a 'charity' song or two (even this sounds like a denigration of Mr. Joel's work and I certainly do not mean it as such) during the commencement ceremony this upcoming May. I am in no way able to state what the University might be willing to do to accommodate Mr Joel's desires or requirements, but I can think of no greater honor than seeing this modern master of song mark this greatest accomplishment of my adult life.

Being unable to offer the venue and related income associated with a traditional concert setting, I would like to extend the sincere invitation to Mr. Billy Joel to perform at this most singular event, marking the greatest accomplishment of my adult life (and that of many other graduating students) regardless of the University's ability to generate a profit for such an event. If this is the kind of thing Mr. Joel would enjoy doing because of the import of the event, I can assure him we would be supremely thrilled at the prospect of his appearance.

Many thanks for any consideration given. Regardless, always a fan-


[email protected]
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