Hicksville 1967 car crash

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I was born into a Billy Joel loving family. With that said, supposedly my uncle was part of Billy Joel's posse in Hicksville. My uncles name was Thomas coffee. Supposedly Billy Joel and a few others all played in my grandparents basement. My uncle was in a car accident in 1967, him and three others were playing chicken with a train and it didn't end well. My heart uncles were all fire fighters in Hicksville at the time. I would love it if some one could verify this and tell me a little about my uncle I never met. I'm actually traveling to new York for the first time this month. Any and all comments are welcomed and greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Kevin Schumacher


  • bowrabowra Posts: 1
    Kevin- I was a classmate of "Tommy." I recall the accident quite well. As I understand it, he and 4 or 6 (?) others were waiting to cross tracks with the gates down and lights flashing. One train was passing by and then cleared the tracks. The gates stayed down so they drove around only to find another train coming in the other direction on the parallel set of tracks in the same crossing.
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