Living in Australia

rayzarayza Posts: 4
G'day viewers. Well here I am. Standing on the outside looking in.
Wow a long Story. Kicked off with Billy about, 12,13 years old. the three of us. Me, my best mate and my girl, well they were a bit later. I bought an album, the rest is history.
My girl, my wife and I are still together. 1982, since we first met. married,1994. Still got my mate too.
We about 50 now, don't tell anyone.The songs, the times, will always be a part of me, us. I have the tattoo, upper left arm. It reads, UNTIL THE NIGHT, in a fancy pattern, with a love heart and musical note. That has been my life, coming home to my girl, "I'm just beginning to feel", then I gotta go back to work the next day. what a drag. Anyway.
We are, "coming to America", 14 to 22 September, 2017. Oh my god!
We have never been overseas, do you believe it. Well, have been in a boat plenty of times, never in another country.
How do I get this guy, my life history, to perform at the Garden, whilst we are there. Better then that, how does Bill get to my place for a Barby and a drink. Going a bit far do you think, well, mm, I reckon he would, next time in OZ.
In this country, Australia, there are no bigger followers then us three. The music, come on, this bloke is sort of good, LOL.
If anyone has some inspiration for me, it would be well received.
Yours truly,
Ray Glenn, Empire, NSW, Australia.
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