Which Billy Joel Song defines your Life?

Phil AndrianoPhil Andriano Posts: 3
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My song is An Innocent Man


  • This is my first post and the song that means the most to me is Just The Way You Are. It was a very important part of my relationship with my partner who died suddenly and this Billy Joel love song was 'Our special song'. Any idea who owns the copyright? I would like to include reference to the song lyrics in my so to be published Memoir.
  • rayzarayza Posts: 4
    Hey guys. Just The Way You Are, legendary, Innocent man, Wow. My special is, until the Night. It has been my life., Rayza.
  • It might sound cliched or silly but actually it's My Life. I was 10 when it was a hit on the radio and even then, I could relate to it completely. I still can!
  • cage47cage47 Posts: 3
    Heh, you can find my recent LOOOOONG-winded post that points out that "Tell Her About It" has a special place in my soul. But "Uptown Girl".....I mean, really. Christy!!!
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