Sunrise Florida Concert New Years Eve Concert 12/31/2016

Starting in 2014 I've had the privilege of going to 5 Billy Joel concerts.
Billy Joel and crew do a magnificent job changing the setlist for each show making every event seem special.

My first show Jan 17 2014 was at the Tampa (my home town). The highlight for me ,besides being with my girlfriend, was hearing "And So It goes".
Its a song my father and I used to listen to on Billy's best of CD traveling from New York to Florida.

Second show was a New Years eve concert Ushering in 2015 in Orlando. Billy Joel brought in Special guest Brian Johnson from AC/CD to play "Shoot to Thrill" anyone who thinks Billy can't put on a rock show is sadly mistaken.

I retuned to New York after my college graduation August 20th 2015 to see Billy Joel at MSG (this was my first show back in the Garden in 8 years)
Highlights were Summer Highland's Fall, This is the Time, Keeping the Faith and special guest Itzak Perlman for "The Downeaster Alexa" and "lullabye"

Coming back to tampa, for my birthday Jan 22 I saw Billy Joel again! This time a heart warming Glenn Frey tribute was the highpoint with "desperado" and "taken it easy' being played

finally, I saw Billy again in NY for the August 9th 2016 show this was my first time hearing "Everybody loves you now" live

Im so grateful to have seen billy joel live so many times, It is always a concert Spectacle! If someone could go to only one concert a year I would recommend Billy Joel. The Music is Timeless and sensitive. It is part of our culture, and he even gives one hell of a rock concert at the end

My request might fall on deaf ears but
Im going to the New Years eve concert in Sunrise florida 12/31/2016 at the BB&T center its a four our drive but my girlfriend and I will split it.
I would love to hear
"A Matter of Trust"
"Captain Jack"

I Hope we can make this happen

Thanks 4 the memories billy
The music is amazing

btw Im also going to the Orlando concert a month later
if not Sunrise than maybe orlando ?

wish I could be at the New Nassau coliseum show
but work gets in the way
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