Billy!!!! Help me make this wish come true?!

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Someone, please hear me out, I am certain someone out there can help me? :/

First my story, then a small request:
The beginning of this year was extremely hard, not just for me but for my boyfriend specifically. We found out that his mom had lung cancer. They removed the upper right lobe, but the cancer had spread to both adrenal glands, and now to her brain. She spends endless days in her room staring at a wall crying in pain from the tumors, and medication. I prefer to keep a lot of details private in this situation. My boyfriend is great man, he moved from New York to Florida to start a life with me. We just finished doing a year and a half of long distance, that will make or break you! And to clear the air for those of you possibly questioning why he left his family in a hard time to come start our life, his mom told him to go, she did not want him to see her like that, or remember her being that way. His birthday is New Year's Eve, but I am throwing him a surprise party when we go back to his home town for Christmas....did I mention we are both from Long Island?

I know this is a long shot but it would make him so happy to get a happy birthday shout out from Billy Joel. When I first met my boyfriend he made it very clear how much he enjoyed Billy Joel. Saying he is a #1 fan is an understatement, there are no words to describe the love this man has for Billy's music. He told me late this summer, when things began to get worse for his mom, that Billy's music reminds him of his childhood, and happier times.

If anyone knows how I could make this surprise/ dream come true I would be forever thankful, and I know Anthony would be too.

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