Irony and fate ...

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I recently celebrated my 50 something birthday and was surprised at the gift I received from my two sons, both in their mid 20's. They both Skyped me the night of my birthday which I thought was odd but ok ... we exchanged the usual banter and then they told me, "by the way, We just sent your birthday gift. Check your email" ..... Ok, I go to my inbox and don't really see anything except I saw an attachment that read, Sec 114, row 12 ... I'm thinking ah nice, tickets to a hockey game perhaps or something .... But no, I open the attachment and BAM! it was tickets to see BJ in NYC Nov 30th! Wooo hooo what the heck? They had it all arranged, tickets, flights, accommadations - clearance from my employer - the whole deal!!! Now I'm PUMPED!!!

After thinking about it I realized that the last time I was in NYC was in '82 at the Aud in Buffalo to see of course, Billy Joel and it was on my birthday November 13th!! I was living in Hamilton, Ontario at the time. I currently reside in British Columbia so this time will be a true road trip!

Both my kids have become big BJ fans over the years and it will be great to experience the concert with them.

All those Holiday road trips when the kids were younger, piled in the minivan with MTN bikes in tow and the Joel music cranked payed off!! 'Zanzibar', 'Movin Out' and 'My life' will never sound better!!! Too bad my wife couldn't make it ... we'll be thinking of you honey ;) !!!

Did I say I was PUMPED?!!!!!! see you there ...

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