I doubt Billy himself or even his management cares to read these forums but I was hoping a fellow fan could help me out at least. Billy Joel was my girlfriend's dad's FAVORITE singer before he passed when she was 17. Now, both of our dads have sadly passed on (mine when I was 10) and I know my dad enjoyed Billy's music as well so I think it would be extremely special to propose to her at one of his concerts. Almost like their both with us; since they can't walk us down the isle physically, why not have them there musically for the proposal. The first song of Billy's that she claimed was her and her dad's "song", was Lullaby. I have been looking at setlists and Im pretty certain he doesn't play this song on his current tour. Is there anyone who knows of someone I can contact to request it? I want it to be picture perfect for her and I know her dad was her absolute best friend. I know this is a long shot but it's worth a try. PLEASE HELP!!!!

-grace evison
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