MSG seating question

kbreenkbreen Posts: 11
Is anyone happy to chat with me online in real time re seating at MSG? I am in Australia, planning to (hopefully) visit U.S. in early January and just saw now that the tour dates are announced.... and luckily the concert on 11th Jan isn't yet sold out! Ticketmaster is down for maintenance right now, so wanting to ask about options in the meantime!


  • kbreenkbreen Posts: 11
    Ticketmaster is running again now.... I was lucky: tickets not yet on sale (and general public sales not for 6 days yet) so gives me a bit of time :)
  • kbreenkbreen Posts: 11
    I've also seen the thread on this forum about how at some venues, some seating can end up having an obstructed view due to streams of people constantly walking up and down the aisles. Is that an issue at MSG?
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