November 21st sold out

First, I am a die hard Billy fan, so this was so disappointing for me and my friends. However, sold out concert is a false statement, maybe its true for Billy, but there are hundreds of tickets for sale still. I know this because mine are still for sale, as many others are too. Since Billy postponed his Sept 29th concern instead of cancelling it, the money was not refundable. All of my party who bought these tickets live out of state and cannot attend on a Monday night, especially the week of Thanksgiving. I understand his surgery, but I am very disappointed that people like myself, will lose so much of our hard earned money. We have put our tickets up for sale at a lower price then what we paid.


  • redrn1971redrn1971 Posts: 1
    I feel you! I flew from Atlanta to NYC just to see him only to find out it had been rescheduled but not able to reschedule the trip since I took time off from work and took the trip to NYC. Very disappointing for sure!
  • JacquiJacqui Posts: 2
    That's too bad - we fortunately bought tickets from Ticketmaster the day they went on sale, so we got a refund for the tickets, but we also scheduled vacation, booked and paid for hotel and airline (non-refundable). We were coming from Nova Scotia and meeting our friends from Ontario. Sure NYC was great, but the whole reason we were going was to see Billy Joel! It was extremely disappointing.
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