A Levittown - Tulsa connection

Long Story made Short: A New Yorker (Born & Raised); that's been in Oklahoma since 1979. Literally was [6 yo] child that lived in Levittown - hid in the shelter underground. Well; it's been 41+ years since Calderone Concert Hall [Hempstead LI] March 7, 1975; and I'm not missing the opportunity to take my son to this one. Always related personally and deeply to your music: whether it's Oyster Bay [Hicksville - Cantiague Park]; Cold Spring Habor; Village Greens; Italian Restaurants; even my friend's brother who was a fisherman-captain based in Montauk. Listening to your depictions of New York and being an Islander; always bring me home. I do know why I go extremes; and looking forward doing so on Nov 11. Thanks for putting Tulsa on the 2016 tour schedule. Let me know if you; the band or your crew need tips on local food (i.e., pizza - Adolini's).


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