The Alexander Grand Piano - 5.7 metres and creates a unique tone due to its very long bass strings.

NOTE: Billy Joel needs to read this!!

I was hope to some how spread the word about an inspirational young named Adrian Alexander Mann. I believe that Billy Joel needs to know about this young mans story!

Today I went to an event at the Art Gallery of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia where Adrian presented his story.

Adrian is from New Zealand and started building The Alexander grand piano at the age of 16 with no background in building pianos, just the desire to create this instrument because he loved the sound of the bass string and wanted to construct the largest piano ever built. This piano is 5.7 meters long!!

Adrian is a very gifted person and after listening to his story and also hearing him play the piano I need to spread the word that he is out there as he is inspirational.

I particularly wanted Billy Joel to know about this young man as I believe he would be amazed at what he has done. He plays the piano by ear and he showed us his talent by playing 'New York State of Mind' which is the song he choose to play even when others requested him to play a more classical piece. He played it to perfection! I think Adrian is a hugh Billy Joel fan!!

Being that Billy is 'The Piano Man' he MUST SEE THIS PIANO!!

I'm hoping that Billy's publicist, manager or someone connected to him will pass this on!!

Adrian Alexander Mann's website is:

Please check it out..

Kind regards


PS.Adrian story would make a inspirational movie for all to see..

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