In Gratitude

Our son was hit by a car last December and suffered a life-threatening brain injury. I’m writing because I’m certain you have no idea how integral your music has been in the path to his recovery. He was in a coma for 2 months, and we were told that he would never recover. During that time and after, we played your music for him almost non-stop. He is a huge fan of yours even at 17 years old, and a musician as well. We believe that his connection to your music is in great part how he started to come around, and later on, move forward with his rehab. While he is still working to regain his life, he has made such incredible strides, and we are truly grateful for the role your music and your passion for it have played in helping our son come back to us. Since we pretty much missed Christmas last year due to the accident, we are very excited to be together as a family at your concert in San Antonio. It will be one year since the accident, and we could not be happier to be celebrating this milestone with you. I know ours is not the only story about how very powerful your music has been in our personal experiences, and I wanted you to know the impact you have had. Words cannot express how grateful we are for that. Thank you!
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