Oct 2017

abenskyabensky Posts: 1
Hi Billy! (I hope this gets to you somehow!)
I hope your surgery went well and the pipes are back to heir old beautiful sound!

I've been a huge fan for 40 years when I grew up in the NYC burbs, but never got to see you at the Garden, even though I did see many bands there in my high school and college days before I moved to CA. I haven't been to the Garden since 1988 and I hear it's much nicer now. I've been drooling over all the incredible shows you've been doing there and wishing I were back in the city more. I've been lucky enough to catch the ATT Park show last year and San Jose on the Elton John tour, but my heart will always belong to New York City and I really must see you at your home venue!

I plan to do my birthday in 2017 in NY and would love to have a show at the Garden coincide with that trip. If you have any influence on dates, please schedule a show close to Oct 9 in 2017 and notify me as early as possible so I can get great seats to see you up close!

Love You, Piano Man!

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