September 30th MSG concert

My 32nd year anniversary gift for wife, down the drain. Anyone in entertainment as well as anyone who breathes knows, the week of Thanksgiving is THE Most Traveled week of the year every year. Do ya think maybe people have made arrangements for the holiday? Of course 9/30 is a Friday and now its a Monday. That makes sense. This has to be the worst performance (i.e. scheduling) by the Bill Joel /MSG team on record.


  • GoldwingGoldwing Posts: 2
    Oh btw Oct + Dec concerts have no paired seats together available.
  • rerudnickrerudnick Posts: 1
    My wife and I bought non-refundable airline tickets to come to NYC to finally see Billy, now what? Are you going to pay for the airline tickets? I don't make millions of dollars per show, time to pony up and make good with your fans and cover ALL our lost expenses!!!
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