Wembley 1984 Reminisce / Wembley 2016

Anyone remember watching Billy live on TV in '84? Anyone remember being there?! I was 7 at the time and remember it so vividly. Dad recorded It on his Hifi so we all had to sit in total silence for the whole thing! I read somewhere that Billy had started all his shows with prelude/Angry young man, but had stopped because the piece was so demanding. How awesome was it on Saturday to here it again?!


  • rootbeerrootbeer Posts: 41
    I was there in 1984. BBC one broadcast the first half live ( Billy presumably on a promise of best behaviour) and the second half recorded for broadcast the next day. Toots Thielemans was on harmonica for "Leave a Tender Moment Alone" and he has sadly passed away this year. I recorded it on a primitive VHS but it is available on the internet in full now ( not via me I hasten to add). My copy is complete with a snowy bit at the bottom throughout and lines that inexplicably start rising from the bottom of the screen to the top. I also went to the Wembley Stadium concert on Friday. If anything, he gets better with age!
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