2017 dates?

Does anyone have any info about possible tour dates in 2017? I'm hoping to buy my husband tickets for his 60th.


  • kbreenkbreen Posts: 11
    What's MSG?
  • driffertdriffert Posts: 1
    Yes, Does anyone know if he is planning on more shows in Madison Square Garden for 2017?
  • kbreenkbreen Posts: 11
    I see there are now two dates announced for 2017, including 27th January. I might be in the U.S. in early Jan, and I'd looked on this website at the tour dates for '15 and '16 and he had concerts in early Jan both years.... so guessing there might be a concert yet to be announced for earlier in Jan 2017? Does anyone know when the first concert for the year tends to be announced, or any way of going on a mailing list or anything? I don't want to miss out!
  • Joey1123Joey1123 Posts: 1
    I know over the past two years I have seen the MSG Dates announced on Twitter before anywhere else, if that helps.
    Also Pre-order access on Ticketmaster given to Citicard holders.

    Hope this helps.
  • kbreenkbreen Posts: 11
  • Janda1661Janda1661 Posts: 2
    I don't have a twitter account - does anyone know where else the MSG concerts might be advertised?
  • Kenbu1Kenbu1 Posts: 2
    I hope he announces more shows in 2017. I really want to see him back in Houston real soon so that i can take my daughter.
  • soccerguysoccerguy Posts: 1
    He will be playing Dodger Stadium in May...most likely the weekend of May 12-14th
  • Hi, I'm writing from Sydney Australia. Seeing Billy Joel is on my bucket list. I was hoping to visit the US in March 2017 and was wanting to know if there will be a concert at this time.
    Can anyone help me please?
  • elvis49elvis49 Posts: 5
    How about Indianapolis in 2017? I'll buy Billy a beer at the Slippery Noodle.
  • JacquiJacqui Posts: 2
    I am really hoping tour dates at MSG will be announced soon for the spring of 2017 - we had tickets for the Sept 30 show that got rescheduled, unfortunately everything was already booked and we couldn't change it. The reason we were going to NYC was to Billy Joel - talk about bad luck! It wasn't just us, we were coming from Halifax and our friends were coming from Ottawa, we just couldn't change things to see him on Nov 21st. Don't get me wrong, we had a fantastic time in NYC but .... I have to choose my vacation for 2017 in two weeks.... Please announce dates at MSG for 2017!!!! We need time to make arrangements!!!!!!!!!
  • sigalcohensigalcohen Posts: 2
    @Jacqui same thing happen to me .made plans and I ended up in NYC without a concert and I came all the way from Israel :( the concert is tomorrow and I didn't sell my ticket yet.... not only I didn't get to see Billy I'm loosing $210 ticket. But I didn't give up hope of seeing him alive. so I'm also waiting for 2017 tour dates in MSG or even Europe....
  • JonBettsJonBetts Posts: 2
    REALLY hoping August 2017 Madison Square Gardens is Saturday 19th. We fly in from Australia on the 18th for a couple of days, before heading off through Canada. If ANYONE has any influence over his dates... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :wink: :smile: :smiley:
  • Why doesn't Billy step up to the plate and play for his fellow New Yorker's Inaugural? He always has defended New Yorker's.....and The President-Elect has that "don't take any shit from anybody"..persona like Billy........can't believe Billy is THAT much of a leftist??
  • Billy!!!!! come to the XL Center in Hartford
  • snapper01snapper01 Posts: 1
    I would really love to see Billy come to central Iowa again .both my 10 and 8 year old want to go with to see him in concert
  • Yankees123Yankees123 Posts: 2
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    Who answers these questions? Would love to see Billy Joel at Bethel Woods Bethel NY home of the original Woodstock..Everyone comes here to play. It's a great venue you would sell out. You don't need 50 60 thousand people for a great concert. Come get a taste of the Catskills..Don't be a snob live life everywhere and enjoy it..
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