Wembley sound

Billy and band sounded great the night, well done to sound engineers fantastic job.


  • philiplanephiliplane Posts: 1
    Amazing concert. My 6th time seeing him and definitely one of the best. Great set list. Sound engineers can be forgiven for the terrible sound of the first song by correcting it during the second. From then onwards it sounded brilliant. Billy and the band were on top form. I was worried how he would go down playing such a big venue outside the US but he nailed it. Shame he didn't play the stranger and summer highland falls but overall it was a fantastic show. Thanks billy. Hope you play there again in the near future.
  • mikegamezmikegamez Posts: 2
    Hi, we also went last night, were sitting on the half way line, 4 rows up and the sound was awful the full concert there!! Not once could we hear any spoken word and any song with a piano melody sounded awful. The sound was bouncing off the back of the stadium and we heard this reverb about one second later as loud as the original sound. This isn't unique to this concert - Google Bruce Springsteen and Wembley - it is a known problem.
    This is such a let down as Billy was on our bucket lists and we can't count this as seeing him properly.
    Let's hope next time he visits the UK he doesn't play Wembley.
    PS love you Billy!!
  • I was sitting in block 220 and the sound was terrible. Couldn't understand anything Billy said and only recognised some of the songs after several bars were played. There was zero atmosphere around me because of the poor sound. Considering these were £75 tickets it was a very poor show. I went home with my ears ringing because of the "noise" whereas other concerts I have been to, I walk away singing the songs.
  • klhklh Posts: 1
    I was sitting in block 550 and the sound quality was terrible. Yes there seemed to be improvement after the first song but no where near the quality I was expecting. I was a real disappointment as I had traveled over 4 hours just to go to the concert. All I wanted was to see And hear a real performer work his magic but this didn't happen. Come back Billy n let's have another concert
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    I was in block 527 and the sound was good, I had no problems with it. As others said they improved the sound during the second song. Please come back next year!
  • htop30htop30 Posts: 1
    Gutted! Was my first time seeing Billy, my partner and I travelled from Wales we were both very excited but we couldn't see him (screen not on) or understand a word he said, unfortunately we left after 45 minutes as there was no point in being there! Really disappointing and unfortunately would put me off going again!
  • I had been wishing we were closer but sounds like we were the lucky ones for once summerhighland26! I was also in 527. This is my first time to Wembley. I wonder if this is a problem for all concerts here. I did notice some strong echo a couple of times off the back of the stadium but just thought that was what happened at large venues. Saw Billy at the Genting Arena in Birmingham in 2013 and he sounded great. Also with a smaller venue it felt more personal.
  • I was at Wembley it was 6th time ive seen him I thought it was a fantastic concert, I don't usually like stadium concerts coz of size and sound, and was a little worried what to expect after reading reviews from Frankfurt about sound, and it prob depends where
    u r in stadium, but I was in blk103 and it sounded very good from there. hope hes back soon tho I would rather a smaller venue.

  • rootbeerrootbeer Posts: 41
    The sound from the back was disappointing at first but improved considerably as the concert went on. The Stadium has awful acoustics but Billy's voice was note perfect and as strong as ever. Made the more impressive now we know of his sinus problem.
    Come back soon. I was at the Wembley arena in 1984 for the famous concert recorded by the BBC and Hammersmith in 2013 and Saturday at the Stadium was made to feel as intimate as every by Billys witty asides. My 10 year son came with me as he is a fan now. He loved it.
  • Hi all , a newbie here.
    We were in block A5 row E so we had a great view close to the stage

    I agree however with the sound. it was echoing a lot. and that's thing with Wembley
    such a shame as the atmosphere was fantastic where we were.
    Going to The Garden soon to see one of his monthly shows

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    It was my daughter’s 21st birthday treat and we travelled over 400 miles and spent over £500 travelling from Glasgow to Wembley Stadium. After taking a car, plane, train, tube, bus, ferry and another tube, we climbed five flights of stairs to Block 529. We were so high up that we were almost vertical but that was not the problem. We were situated at the side of the stage and Billy Joel was a dot at a piano. I know this is not uncommon for a stadium show but his screens were facing outwards and we saw absolutely nothing. We heard his introductions and the music was loud and clear but what a huge disappointment from two huge Billy Joel fans. I think those responsible at Wembley Stadium should be ashamed of themselves for selling tickets with such a restricted view. I would definitely go to see Billy Joel again but not on those dreadful seats in Section: BK 529, Row: 36.
  • This was my 13TH Billy Joel Concert and He just seems to get better every time I see him. His voice was Perfect , Every Note was as strong as Ever! I could watch him everyday , He is amazing , A Legend and is like a fine wine gets better with Age, Cant wait for my next Concert in Maddison Square Garden !
    Thank you Billy once again for a fantastic Show xxxx
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    Our experience with the sound was very much like that in the first post - OK after the first song. It was my first time at Wembley and after reading other fans' experiences, let's hope that next time Billy does London, he chooses the O2.

    Billy was fantastic, though. I've thought about the concert often since and still feel all warm and fuzzy remembering the talent and warmth he radiated. Great show xx
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