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    Dear Mr. Joel,
    my deepest respect to you as a musician, artist and fellow human being. You are the first person to find open and honest words of explanation and excuse about the acoustic nightmare in Frankfurt. Looks like the organiser has presented you an almost unplayable venue; he must have known about the specific problems as there were complaints in unusual numbers already after previous concerts held there. Obviously he earned a good amount of money with this concert as ticket prices were way higher than in London for example, but does not want to be held responsible for the desastrous sound. Everyone present on Saturday noticed that it wasn´t your fault; you and the band gave it your best efforts (as you always do) and presented a fantastic stage show with a good choice of songs from your discography. It´s really tragic that this did not deliver through the sound system which just boomed overcharged noises which only vaguely reminded of music. Your show in Dortmund 1990 was one of my first live concerts and never ever in the meantime did I experience reverberations and distortions during and throughout a complete concert as terrible as these. But if you say your experienced sound engineer could not make more of it, I trust and believe you as it is neither in your or your crew´s interest to spoil the hard work you all put into this evening. As you gave your best on stage, me and my group of friends and family tried to have fun anyway and enjoyed the show as much as possible which wasn´t that easy but we don´t get to see you so often, so what else could we do? It would be heartbreaking if this experience would be the last time we see you perform live on stage in Germany. So maybe you should consider to come back soon again to a venue of your choice which offers acoustic possibilities instead of limitations and tricky obstructions, and which allows the audience to hear the music the way it is played, to wipe away this failure. We still love you and as you wrote yourself, people were positive, even enthusiastic towards you where they easily could have looked for some available scapegoat to boo off stage. It was you, after all, who kept this evening together and who gave those who stayed the feeling that even with ringing ears they were absolutely at the right place. A pleasant time in London; I really wish I could be there as I´m sure that the acoustics will be way better,
  • Thank you, Mr. Joel for your effort, great performance and honest words. I can only agree with everything Dortmund1990 wrote. On the ticket distributors website Billy Joel has 41 ratings and an average of 3/5 stars


    Now that's just sad... You were amazing. The venue and organizer ruined it for us and for you as well.
  • Dear Billy,

    to my mind the first comments here don´t reflect the majority opinion.

    I was at the concert with two friends and the sound in section 29 was very good.

    We enjoyed the show from beginning to end.

    After the concert I talked to a lot of people and they all were enthusiastic.

    In addition the newspaper reviews were extremely positive, too.

    There were comparatively few reviewers who thematized the sound. It was only a side issue.

    All reviewers wrote that it was a great concert with a stunning atmosphere.

    As far as I am concerned I´d like to tell you that it was one of the best nights of my life.

    You can´t imagine how many people you and your band/team including the sound engineers made happy in Frankfurt that night.

    We were so grateful that you came to Germany to enrich our lives with your wonderful music.

    I hope you will come again to Germany soon!

    Best regards!
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    Hi there Appreciation!
    Please notice that you alone are not a majority and I alone also am no majority. There are enough complaints from all sides of the arena to acknowledge that the acoustics were a grave and major problem all over the place. It doesn´t really matter if it was a majority or just a large number of people although frustration and anger have always louder voices. Mr. Joel himself admitted that there was a problem, the organiser so far did not. But check out some Youtube clips from the concert and you will know that the sound was far from being "very good". Also notice that not all newspapers really send a reporter in person to concerts they write about. The bigger newspapers after the weekend at least spent a short sentence on that matter. I´m sure that viewers won´t write a critical review with special emphasis on the bad sound about the long-awaited live concert of their favourite artist just out of nonsense. If you were among the lucky few to enjoy a very good and unspoiled sound all evening, that´s great for you, but be assured that unfortunately others spent hundreds of Euro and were harshly disappointed. But you are right in one point: The show itself (as far as you could follow it) was great and I think nobody even questioned that - which says a lot when held in a cacophonic catastrophy. The overwhelming and enthusiastic feeling to see Mr. Joel again after so many years balanced it out for some and made this acoustic nightmare almost bearable. But I can also understand the large number of people (especially noise sensitive ones) who left in agony because the beautiful music was completely distorted and spoiled. I really hope that Mr. Joel will be back for good soon in a venue better qualified for such an event. Maybe the roof should haven been open (as it was originally announced); these light not-completely-closed constructions out of synthetic foil are an acoustic pest to an all-concrete building when it comes to reverbarations and echoes.
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    That's what I call style...
    Bill himself admitting that there were problems.
    Thanks for that.
    I'll be there next time, hopefully at another venue, that is for sure.
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    Dear Blackwin,
    how can you call this style? That's the very least. I don't understand that opportunistic attitude: "Billy, please come back and play for us". There were 30,000 people in the arena. Take an average price of 200,-€ and you get to 6 Mill. €.
    I suppose that the organizers and Billy decided on Frankfurt because it's a direct, convenient connection from NY and Billy was able to do it in two days. He simply skipped quality control. Was it the venue, the sound engineer, the tour organizer? Who cares? Billy Joel is a brand and an icon, which he did not protect professionally. Defending the sound engineer is showing some great loyalty, but does not solve the issue. I wasted some good amount of money and time and still don't understand what happened that night.
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    I was in the 12th row at the concert, excited as hell - and I was not disappointed. Yeah, the sound was not exactly CD quality, it was loud, it was indifferent at some points - but me and my girl had one hell of an evening! I didn't sit for a single moment, I danced, I sang along, I stood there with my eyes wide open and a huge smile on my face. The atmosphere was awesome, the band was awesome and Billy was awesome - that's what I took home with me. Maybe it wasn't perfect, but everyone has to decide whether he wants to complain about what wasn't perfect - or remember the many, many great moments. I decided to do the last. And I can only hope it wasn't the last concert of Billy on German ground. Please. PLEASE - come back! It was great!
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    Hey Billy,
    a dream came true seeing you in Frankfurt. I have my own Todo and "must see" List in my schedule just like anyone does.
    My #1 was seeing Billy Joel ones alive. I'm not kidding. I wanted to see you alive and rocking the stage more than anything else (except personal belongings of course). And I saw you ... and you where great!
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