Concert in Frankfurt 03.09.2016

This was really shit :-((((

The Sound was so horrible, it was just painful.
You hardly did hear Billys voice, just the too loud backround music.

So much money for this painful hours, I'm really angry and sad.

It wasn't Billys fault, but whoever was responsible for the soundcheck really didn't make a good job.

If you didn't get any tickets bei lucky, This was just torture :-(

I'm really disappointed - worst concert I've ever been.


  • I am very disappointet too. Sitting in a rolling chair, I couldn't look at the stage but heared an awful noise. It didnt sound like Billy Joel. This concert left only a sad and painful memory.
  • Dear Mr. Billy Joel,

    sorry to say, but I have to agree with the comments above. My wife and I travelled from Munich to Frankfurt to see your show. Both of us are big fans of you, your beautiful songs and your skills as a piano player. We were very excited entering the stadium, looking forward to seeing and hearing (!) a great concert.

    We’ve been to the shows of Paul McCartney (Olympic Stadium Munich) and David Gilmour (Schlossplatz Stuttgart), just to mention the shows we visited this summer. Both shows had an excellent Live-sound. And yes, the sound was loud, as expected in a Rock n Roll-Show, but it was very well balanced and we could hear the excellent musicians doing their great job.

    When you started with Miami 2017 (one of my all-time-favourites) we both couldn’t believe what we had to hear: Heavily distorted trebles , the bass was just a constant humming noise, we could hardly understand your voice though we know all the words. Of course we thought, the FOH engineer would solve the problems quickly but we were wrong: nothing happened. The sound of the whole show was very awful throughout. A foggy, muddy mess of noise.

    To be honest, the sound in Frankfurt on Sept. 3rd was the worst I ever heard in a concert.

    What a disappointment! What a pity! What a crime committed to you, your great band and your wonderful music!

    Now I ask you: How is it possible that the sound was such a disaster? Who is responsible for this catastrophe? Why didn't the engineers do their job and fix the problems? Didn’t they hear?

    We hope that you come back soon, so that we can see and hear what a concert of yours is all about: The songs, the band, the voice – the legend.

    Kind regards from Munich,
  • ... it's so easy: The responsibility for the sound has Billy Joel himself. Please read the following E-Mail of Marek Lieberberg (it's the answer of my complaint, addressed to Lieberberg).

    ... stunned ... no command.


    Hagen Suchardt

    Anfang der weitergeleiteten Nachricht:

    Von: "[email protected]"
    Betreff: Billy Joel | 03.September 2016
    Datum: 5. September 2016 um 14:45:54 MESZ

    Werte Kritikerinnen und Kritiker,

    Billy Joel hat bei seinem einzigen Deutschlandkonzert in der Frankfurter Commerzbank-Arena eine überragende Performance abgeliefert.
    Über zweieinhalb Stunden begeisterte der Pianoman das Publikum mit seinem unglaublichen Songkanon.

    Aus gegebenem Anlass möchten wir darauf hinweisen, dass der Künstler die alleinige Entscheidung darüber hat, wie er sein Programm inhaltlich, zeitlich und im Hinblick auf seine Produktion (Ton, Licht, Video) gestaltet.
    Der Veranstalter hat weder Möglichkeit noch Recht, in dessen alleinige künstlerische Hoheit und Verantwortung einzugreifen.

    Insofern wollen wir subjektive Eindrücke, speziell über die Wahrnehmung des Sounds in verschiedenen Bereichen der Commerzbank-Arena, nicht kommentieren. Allerdings wissen wir, dass die Beteiligten alles gegeben haben, um eine bestmögliche Präsentation zu gewährleisten. Open-Air Veranstaltungen unterscheiden sich allerdings aufgrund anderer Gegebenheiten grundsätzlich von Darbietungen in geschlossen Räumen.

    Die großartige Resonanz und der ungebrochene Jubel beim Billy Joel Konzert unterstreichen, wie gut der Künstler und seine Performance angekommen sind.

    Marek Lieberberg Konzertagentur GmbH & Co.KG
    c/o CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA
    Contrescarpe 75 A
    28195 Bremen
  • Billy Joel's response to your comments regarding the sound at the Frankfurt concert on September 3rd.

    I’m not surprised that there were complaints about the sound in Frankfurt.
    The venue itself was an acoustic nightmare - with solid concrete surfaces from top to bottom.
    We spent the whole day there trying to improve the reverberation problems.
    My sound engineer, Brian Ruggles, said it was the most difficult sound mixing situation he had ever encountered.
    That’s saying a lot - after close to 50 years of sound mixing in almost every famous stadium and arena all around the world.
    We thought that the Frankfurt audience was great. During the show their response was extremely enthusiastic and positive.
    My apologies to those people who didn’t enjoy the concert due to the bad acoustics there. I wanted them to enjoy our concert.
    But we gave that show the same energy and effort as any other concert we have ever given. I will stand by my sound engineer of 46 years in this instance. He is considered to be one the best sound engineers in the business. His reputation is impeccable. But even a great sound engineer can’t negate the extreme sonic effects that are inherent in certain kinds of architecture.


    B. Joel
  • Robert_BRobert_B Posts: 1
    Deepest respect for Billy Joel and the band. My wife and myself have traveled from Zurich. I have seen Billy Joel back in 1990 on his fantastic concert in Switzerland. We have been looking all year forward to this concert in Frankfurt. I have never been before on a concert in the Commerzbank Arena, but by entering the arena I noticed two details instantly. The seating layout had an impossible angle that the sectors in front of the stage on the right side could only see a small limited part of the stage. I was surprised to notice as well that the roof was closed. This raised my concerns regarding the possible impact on the sound. I am no soundengineer but I feared a negative impact on the sound. However the sound was by far much worse than I expected, actually the poorest sound quality I have ever had on a concert. Billy and the band received an very warm welcome with standing ovation from the fans before he started the Show. I hope Billy will come again to Europe on tour, I hope it will not take 20 years. I hope the responsible persons will act on the experience from Frankfurt and will take the time for soundchecks and will work until there is a good result. The Fans deserve it, starting in London. Next time with good sound, Captain Jack and Billy you need no tie, it is still Rock and Roll to me and us... Best wishes. Robert
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