request to billy

me and my wife fly to London to celebrate birthdays & anniversary at your concert.
from biker to biker please sing "honesty" my favorite song.
thanks I appreciate


  • beckebecke Posts: 1
    Request to Mr Billy Joel xxx
    Please could you wish my uncle' Ian Hollis' a happy 60th birthday has we are coming from chesterfield to see you at Wembley and it would make his evening and birthday' he's followed you for many years. with love his from his wife Lynn' niece Rebecca and partner Matthew with kind regards Rebecca
  • Please, please, please!


    It was listening to my BJ CDs which got my daughter, OLIVIA into 'proper' music when she was 14, and inspired her to take up the piano again, which led her to immerse herself in music.
    Thank you so much for educating and inspiring her to appreciate the music which her parents have loved for 40 years.
    Four years on and she's still a BJ nut who is fully conversant with your whole body of work.
    'Summer, Highland Falls' is a little-heard, hidden work of genius which, bizarrely, we discovered is our mutual joint stand-out favourite BJ piece.
    If you play this tonight, I think that we will both explode with happiness.

    Have a great show, we will!

    All the best,

    Yvonne xxx
  • Goodnight Saigon at Wembley tonight. For my wife Katharine Dugard and me, celebrating my 50th birthday with a very special piano man. Please
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