Disappointed students/kids because of the Wembley gig

Hi Billy,
It's really great that you're playing Wembley! But it's too bad that my students from Germany will be unable to visit the stadium like we'd planned a year ago because you don't want to have visiting groups there since you're sound checking in the afternoon. The kids were really looking forward to this. We don't know if it was you or the stadium that cancelled. It's not everyday we or the kids get to come to the UK but now we have a wasted day because of this. The people from the stadium said it was you that requested this. Is it really that much of an inconvenience?
Here's my email, maybe you or someone can contact me, I would really appreciate it.

[email protected]


  • People in England are lucky that there will be a sound check at Wembley - I wish they had done a sound check in Frankfurt ;-)
  • tortugatortuga Posts: 7
    Hello Billy,

    I was not going to give more comments, but now I´m here again. …. sry

    I am glad that you obviously took notice on our disappointment and frustration for the concert in Frankfurt and try to improve and bring top quality to your fans in London. It might be a
    silly advice for a non-professional in sound, but I think it would be worth to place some of your people into the audience during the concert, so that they can give instructions to the sound control staff during the performance as the spectators in number might change the acoutics in the space. Good luck and success

  • mikegamezmikegamez Posts: 2
    Hi, we went to Wembley last night and the sound was awful from our side seat on the half way line. There was an echo from the back of the stadium about half a second after we heard the original sound at about the same volume.
    We could hear nothing Billy said during the concert as each word clashed with the previous word and most song lyrics were unrecognisable with fast tunes just merging making them virtually unreconisable. At almost £100 per ticket as you say having 10-20 people around the stadium to monitor the sound shouldn't break the bank.
    My wife bought us these tickets as I had a major operation the end of last year and this has been the first time I have been to a concert since and Billy Joel has always been a bucket list artist of mine.
    We both came away very disappointed and my wife wasn't happy at all.
    I think these modern stadiums aren't acoustically good for these types of concerts (Google Bruce Springsteen Wembley Sound).
    Still love Billy - but we feel very let down.
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