Wrigley concert - special request - Lullabye - 2 families mourning losses

We lost our 19 year old nephew to an overdose in April of this year. He was a huge fan of yours! His older brother and father (my brother in law) will be traveling to Wrigley to be at your concert. The set list does not seemed to be published anywhere...if you were open to including "Lullabye" and dedicating it to Connor that would mean a great deal to Connor's brother and Dad!

In addition, my sister-in-law (same family as above) had a death of a baby boy at birth. His Mom sung 'Lullabye' at her son's funeral...heartwrenching to say the least! His name was Danny.

Dedicating Lullabye to these two special kids would mean a lot to the family! They would love to personally thank you back stage, if you were feeling the love!!!

From an uncle with his heart in his hands...

Jim S.
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