Nothing will stop me from singing a Billy Joel song

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Singing "Uptown Girl" at the top of my lungs and performing mad dance skills for all to see on my way home, blissfully unaware that my driving abilities would be put to the ultimate test.
It was a long, curvy road. I was lip syncing as if my life was depending on it. Never missing a word. I didn't start singing half the verse before I was supposed to, which has never happened in my life. All while singing into my pretend microphone and doing all of my best one armed dance moves. The robot, the cabbage patch, even putting my hand on my ear when Billy was hitting the high notes. It. Was. Amazing.
Then the unthinkable happened. I can't be sure of the specific species, but some kind of flying insect flew into my eye. I started blinking uncontrollably, screaming, flailing may arms around and eventually hitting myself in my tear soaked eye. You know, like how anyone in my situation would react. The bug got stuck in my eye. It's wings flapping on what I presume was my cornea. I started veering off the road. This is it. This is how I'm going to die. To my surprise, my instincts kicked in and I managed to grab the steering wheel in time and get home. I came out of it learning two things:
1. I've mastered the art of driving
2. I can't be left without adult supervision. Ever.
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